. . .takes you on a fascinating journey through new methods and insights for Tarot Readers and Human Services Professionals.

Perhaps you use the Tarot mainly for your own awareness, growth, and conscious evolution.

Or you might be a professional reader, helping your clients explore their depths and offering divinatory insights that will help them on their path. 

Then again you may be a psychotherapist, counselor, social worker, personal coach or healer who enjoys finding new ways to enhance your effectiveness. “Crossroads” shows how the visual imagery of the Tarot can work together with other therapeutic and counseling methods.

We’ve minted original cutting-edge ways of working with the cards that can’t be found in any previous written work or workshop. We welcome you to an archetypal journey, sometimes known as “The Fool’s Path.” We offer a spectrum of useful revelations that have emerged from our experience with the tarot, psychology, and psychotherapy.

New Insights for Divination, Readings and Human Services Professionals!


  • Open up new ways of exploring and working with personal dilemmas and opportunities. 
  • Learn to use symbolic tools to sharpen direct awareness in the moment and also to more easily explore the depths of the psyche.
  • Step onto  an innovative bridge between traditional Tarot and modern psychology. 
  • See how the cards can represent different sides of the self and can be an incisive way to move from confusion to clarity.
  • Use the powerful “emotional stacks” method for discovering deeper feelings and issues beneath the concerns that a client mentions at the start of a reading or counseling or psychotherapy session.
  • Develop your ability to use projective dialogues from psychodrama and gestalt therapy with Tarot cards and other visual imagery. 
  • Find out how to use selections of cards to represent and work through issues with an entire family, workplace staff, or other group.
  • Discover how to conduct a Tarot group process in which participants learn from each other. 
  • Learn from verbatim dialogues of reading and therapy sessions that show how to use methods presented in this book.




“Informative, thought-provoking and useful. You will be a better Tarot card reader or a better psychotherapist or counselor after you have read this book. It will take you places you have not been before.”
Wald Amberstone, Director
The Tarot School and Readers Studio Conference

“Fun, creative, deep, and full of usable information and ways to immediately engage with the cards to enhance self-knowledge. Written in a way that allows both psychotherapists and Tarot readers to use its information and exercises with equal ease. With great pleasure and anticipation, I invite you now to open this book and look inside at yourself.
Elinor Greenberg, Ph.D.
Co-chair, New York Institute of Gestalt Therapy program committee

“This book is destined to become a Tarot classic. I’m especially impressed by the generosity of the authors in their open-handed instructions on the use of techniques they have personally pioneered. There is much to enlighten not only the beginner but also those who’ve used Tarot for years.”   
David Van Nuys, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Psychology