• An innovative bridge between traditional Tarot and modern psychology

  • Deepen your understanding of card meanings, divination, and readings

  • Symbolic tools that offer new skills to human services professionals

  • Shows how to move through both the Tarot and psychology worlds

  • Takes you on a Tarot journey to enhance your card reading abilities and develop your personal potentials

New Insights for Divination, Readings and Human Services Professionals

Perhaps you use the tarot mainly for your own awareness, guidance, personal growth and conscious evolution.

Or you may be a professional reader, helping your clients explore their depths, and offer meaningful insights that will help them on their path.

Alternatively, you may be a counselor, psychotherapist, personal coach, or healer who is open to engaging new ways to enhance your effectiveness. “Crossroads” shows how the visual imagery of the Tarot can work together with verbal counseling and therapeutic methods.

If you happen to be a skilled Tarot reader who is also a therapist, counselor, or personal coach –or vice versa– we hope this book will benefit your work in both worlds.  

Whatever your needs and interests, these pages offer new divinatory and psychological insights and methods that can enhance the value of each reading or working session. From our four decades of collaboration we have minted original cutting-edge ways of working with the cards that can’t be found in any previous written work or workshop. If this sounds interesting to you, we welcome you to an archetypal journey, also known as “the Fool’s Path”. We offer an existentially oriented spectrum of useful information that has emerged from our experience with the tarot, psychology, and psychotherapy.