Hello, friends.  A month ago we were at the 2019 Readers Studio conference in New York.  We had a vendor’s table (actually just half of one) right next to Robert Place’s table, with most of our books and a few other items for sale on it. (One was our new Sacred Mysteries chakra oracle. The first ten copies arriving by airfreight on the second day of the conference.)

We were pleased that all the copies of Tarot at a Crossroads sold out. Fortunately the Schiffer Publishing Company table had additional copies, which also sold out. (We thank Chris McClure who is the head of Schiffer’s Red Feather Body Mind Spirit division, for bringing enough of them.) Tarot people who already own the book told us how much they’re learning from it, and counselors and psychotherapists who were at the conference told us that  it’s what they had been waiting for for years. People in both groups said  what a gift it was for them!

Needless to say, we’re happy that our gamble of writing a single book that would be of value in both the Tarot world and the psychotherapy and counseling world is being well received. And people mentioned that they were glad to pay the few extra dollars and have a beautiful and strong hardbound book that will last for many years.

Whether you’re a reader who’d like to deepen your readings for yourself or upgrade your abilities in working with others,  or a human services professional who would like to add the dimension of pictorial imagery to your work, we’re getting enthusiastic feedback that this book will provide you what you need — and hopefully, even more.

Blessings to you,  Victor and Kooch